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doesnt work anymore

installer wont install and no executable files

I have the same problem. When I try to lauch the game through, I get the message that executable file is not found. When I open the folder with the game and launch the game from there, I get the message that the file is damaged.

hi folks!

Thanks for letting me know about the problems you're facing. I'll try to check this issue as soon as I can, but I can't promise when. I haven't . done work on HaxeFlixel / AIR in a while... I'll post on the devlog if/when I find a solution for it.


This is Polytopia

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Good to see this game is still being updated! you should make a develop of this. this game was REALLY fun but could use a little more content. congrats on developing a great game and good luck with your future projects


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Hey, Could you add nations in the game? and make them what real nations do? like, Trade,Make Alliances,Build Cities,War, and more. it will be more fun! and if you finished the update than add it to kongregate too. and heres a name suggestion. i dont know if it's valid or not, here it is, Nation worlds, once you finished the nation update i think you should change the name to Nation worlds.