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A contemplative world-building game / toy. Take your time and tweak this or that little world.

Made by Enric Llagostera. Music: "flying around in space", by Holy Konni. Inspired by This Precious Land, by Craig Forrester. More info about the game and its development on the devlog.

You can use JKL to change the game speed. The IOP keys control zoom, as well as the mouse wheel. You can pan the camera with WASD or arrow keys or space + left-click or by right-clicking anywhere. ESC exits the game.

The game is available in English and Brazilian Portuguese. O jogo está disponível em português do Brasil e inglês.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorEnric Llagostera
Made withGodot
TagsIdle, Sandbox, tiny-worlds, world-building, worlds
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Brazil)


Gardenia_v2019-12-17_Win64.zip 45 MB
Gardenia_v2019-12-17_Win32.zip 44 MB
Gardenia_v2019-12-17_Linux_64.zip 47 MB

Development log


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I imagine there's no further development or bug troubleshooting for this game, but I'm having trouble with zooming in and out too far- the land disappears and only the background is visible.

Deleted post

still having issues installing this through the itch.io desktop app. 

"An error occurred during installation 

Cannot read property 'build' of undefined"

Same, had to download from Chrome.


I can't install the game. When I try to install it over in itch.io client there is no build to choose from. 

Can you mark the builds for the dedicated plattforms?

I'm seeing the same issue from the itch.io desktop app on Linux. I can't tell exactly what the issue is on your (the developer's) end but for my stuff on itch, I check the appropriate platform icon boxes for each build I offer. Try checking Windows for the builds and then Linux for the other one.

So I just tried this game (windows) and it works, buuut... I don't get it. I let it run for a few hours and they started building, but that was kinda it. They don't really build much beyond what you see in the screenshots so I'm not sure if maybe I'm just supposed to wait longer or...???

Why no Mac Os version since that is made with Godot? (I came here from your devlog about Godot hahaha)

Aliás, olhei Portuguese BR em language e ué, seu nome não é muito pt_BR hahahaha

I came here for this too xD

Hey folks, there are some news about the game on the devlog! I hope you’ll like it. Cheers!

hello! are you still working on this game? looks so promising in the pictures but i can't install the .air-file.

you can find it online too

An error occurred while launching Bonsai Worlds

No executables were found                                                                                                                          


Hi Luky21, 

It seems that there is a bug with the game right now. I haven't had the possibility to re build it and correct. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll add a notice to the description

Thank you

Hey, there is a prototype of the new version for download, if you’d like to try.

Thanks, Love It!

Does not work anymore, it's an air file and apparently, that type of pile does not exist. Can you make a zip file.

doesnt work anymore

installer wont install and no executable files

I have the same problem. When I try to lauch the game through itch.io, I get the message that executable file is not found. When I open the folder with the game and launch the game from there, I get the message that the file is damaged.

hi folks!

Thanks for letting me know about the problems you're facing. I'll try to check this issue as soon as I can, but I can't promise when. I haven't . done work on HaxeFlixel / AIR in a while... I'll post on the devlog if/when I find a solution for it.


This is Polytopia

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Good to see this game is still being updated! you should make a develop of this. this game was REALLY fun but could use a little more content. congrats on developing a great game and good luck with your future projects


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Hey, Could you add nations in the game? and make them what real nations do? like, Trade,Make Alliances,Build Cities,War, and more. it will be more fun! and if you finished the update than add it to kongregate too. and heres a name suggestion. i dont know if it's valid or not, here it is, Nation worlds, once you finished the nation update i think you should change the name to Nation worlds.