Remake incoming!

Hi folks!

I know it’s been a while that I don’t update the game, but I have some great news today.

In the last few months / years, players have commented that the game was not working on their machines. This is basically a side-effect of Flash and Adobe AIR, the technologies in which the game was built, becoming obsolete by their maintainers. Browsers and operating systems have dropped support for them, and the workarounds were getting more and more complex. It has really bothered me that folks still want to play the game and could not because of these platform holders, and I am not ready to let Bonsai Worlds become abandonware completely.

So, I have decided to rewrite the game! I have been wanting to learn more about Godot, the free game engine, for a while. It is a cross-platform engine, so by porting Bonsai Worlds to it, I might be able to export it for the web, Windows and Android phones, which would be quite fun. Also, I get to learn more about the tool.

Basic interactions

I have already implemented the basic mouse interaction and some of the base visual assets. I’m planning on keeping this version pretty close to the 2013 Flash version, with some improvements mostly on performance, usability and some game design details.

In the coming weeks I’ll continue posting about the port work and hopefully finish it up by late February, if everything goes well. Also, as soon as I have playable prototypes, I’ll post them here, so watch out!

Let me know what you think and cheers!

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So hyped, glad you're still working on this adorable masterpiece